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Decorating Your Home with HGTV's Color of the Year, 'Persimmon'

Seeing persimmon trees this time of year is truly delightful, adorned with vibrant fruits dangling gracefully from their bare branches—a true spectacle of nature's beauty. And the birds and squirrels love it, too!


Step into 2024 with a burst of energy and warmth as HGTV unveils its Color of the Year– the captivating 'Persimmon' by Sherwin Williams. This lively and bold hue offers an exciting opportunity to infuse your living spaces with vibrancy. Let’s explore creative ways to incorporate Persimmon into your home.

The actual color swatch of Persimmon is a subdued version of the vibrant fruit:

color swatch of persimmon by Sherwin Williams

For starters, let's check out how HGTV incorporated the Color of the Year in their 2024 Dream Home in Florida.

Here are a few ideas for your own space!

wall colored with persimmon

Accent Walls: One of the simplest and most impactful ways to introduce Persimmon is by creating an accent wall. Choose a focal point in a room – whether it's the wall behind your sofa, the fireplace, or even the entryway – and paint it in this lively shade. The result is an instant pop of color that elevates the entire space.


Statement Furniture: For those who prefer a subtler approach, consider incorporating Persimmon through statement furniture pieces. A bold sofa, accent chairs, or a vibrant coffee table can transform your living room. Balance these pieces with neutral tones to create a harmonious look.

accessories with persimmon color

Accessories and Decor: Infuse Persimmon into your decor through accessories like throw pillows, rugs, and curtains. These accents can add warmth to a room without overwhelming the space. Mix and match with complementary colors like muted greens, navy blues, or soft grays to create a well-balanced aesthetic.


Kitchen Delight: Revitalize your kitchen by introducing Persimmon elements. This could be achieved through small appliances, dishware, or even a carefully chosen backsplash.

Pairing Persimmon with neutral tones in the kitchen creates a lively and inviting atmosphere.


Artwork and Wall Decor: Elevate your walls with Persimmon-colored artwork or wall decor. Whether it's a vibrant painting, wall decals, or framed prints, adding this lively hue to your walls can redefine the entire room's ambiance.


Outdoor Oasis: Extend the vibrancy to your outdoor spaces by incorporating Persimmon in your patio furniture, cushions, or even as an accent color for your outdoor cushions and rugs. This lively shade will make your outdoor areas feel welcoming and full of life.


Conclusion: Embracing HGTV's Color of the Year, 'Persimmon,' allows you to infuse your home with a burst of energy and warmth. From accent walls to statement furniture and accessories, there are countless ways to incorporate this lively hue into your living spaces. Experiment with different ideas to find the perfect balance that suits your style and transforms your home into a vibrant haven for the year ahead.


Content by Team Treacy Vancouver Realtor

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